Turn of the TideFrom the Dark 

Hollywood Music In Media Awards Winner

Pedro won Best Score – Video Game on Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2022 with his soundtrack for Chorus!! ❤️❤️❤️🏆@hmmawards #hmmaawards
“The more I hear music composed by my peers the more I end up admiring them and I think this award is just as mine as it could have been to any of the other nominees.
I would like to thank my wife Sofia, my mother and my children for their endless support and to Philipp Muckenfuss, Tobias Severin, Uyanga Bold, Philipp Karadensky, Simone Cicooni, Alex Pfeffer, family and friends for their help and support along the way.

I am deeply touched for this recognition, my father would have been very proud.
Thank you so much #hmmaawards.”

Pedro was also nominated for Best Song – Video Game for Chorus.

Chorus Theme

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Attack on Enclave

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In Chorus

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Legion Secrets

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