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World of WarCraft: Shadowlands

Today World of WarCraft: Shadowlands was released.
I am extremely grateful and honored for this opportunity to contribute to such a wonderful universe I always cared so much and to be surrounded with such a talented and kind music team. I can’t understate the world “honor” here.
Thank you , , for the trust and for embracing me into this world.
Thank you and Jake Lefkowitz for the support and conversations since my first day in the project.
Thank you for the amazing work in this OST from my fellow composer. Here is a list with all composers and their websites:
Pedro Macedo Camacho, Neal Acree, David Arkenstone, Grant Kirkhope, Sam Cardon, Cali Wang, , , Jake Lefkowitz.
My contribution was small and just a grain of sand compared to all the music that is part of this 16 year World but I feel like quoting one of my favourite WarCraft III heroes, the Keeper of the Grove:
“For Kalimdor!”